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Energy Audit

Unsure as to how well your building is performing, a "Benchmarking Audit" is a great place to start.  Our GEMS team will take the historical energy consumption and demand of your building and compare this with buildings in the same peer group (i.e. same climate zone, same space usage, same vintage, etc.). This Benchmarking Audit is not as extensive as a complete Energy Audit, but it helps us determine whether improvements should be pursued.


    Next Step - A Thorough Energy Audit

    If the Benchmarking Audit identifies an opportunity for significant improvement, our Certified Energy Managers (Certified by the Association of Energy Engineers) can then perform a more thorough Energy Audit to give you an accurate estimate on the ROI of a potential upgrade. 

    Our engineers look at the building’s blueprints, and do an onsite inspection of the building that includes the building’s shell, windows, doors, insulation factors, lighting, HVAC systems, and any other system that uses a substantial amount of power. 

    We match the systems’ outputs to the building’s current energy bills and come up with a model.  With this model, we can change factors like a new HVAC system or different lighting, determine where the greatest savings would be, and make recommendations for the best areas for improvement.



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