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Safety We believe in 100% safety...100% of the time.

With decades of experience in the business of mechanical engineering and a reputation for having the strictest of safety standards, Jarrell is proud to have been able to acquire and retain some of the safest and highest skilled workers in the industry.

Safety is Our Culture

Our safety team includes everyone from top executives to new apprentices for all types of input to nurture and improve our safety culture. Everyone here has the authority to modify or stop work to correct unsafe issues for a safer environment.

Lowering Your Costs

Following best safety practices and taking advantage of the latest in safety technologies also allows us to be more productive because fewer incidents mean less down time or stoppage which means lower costs for us and for our customers.

Continuous Education

As safety standards adapt and change, we add to our safety education by continually training and offering certified classes to stay ahead. Our aggressive commitment to safety procedures requires comprehensive training and support.

A Commitment to You

Upon project completion, we make sure that the client’s employees are fully trained in the operation of all of the equipment to minimize any risk to them from improper use of the equipment.


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