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System Integration

Most new commercial construction is built with the utmost energy efficiency in mind.  By integrating HVAC, its security systems, card access, video surveillance, lighting, fire alarm, and smoke evacuation systems, facilities run more efficiently. In today’s world, everything is automated and operation is never as easy as just flipping a switch. By utilizing the Internet of Things, or IoT, each component of your HVAC, security systems, etc. uses sensors to send data to the main Controls system where it is analyzed and can be acted upon. This DDC, or Direct Digital Control, is a centralized network approach to system design.

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Why System Integration is so Important

Whether the system is designed for a small one-story building or a 50-story skyscraper, system integration can bring great savings when it comes to energy usage.

  • Why cool a building when everyone has gone home for the day?
  • Why heat vacant offices or residences?
  • Why have your employees endure cold or hot spots in your facility?

With system integration, automated decisions are made 24/7 to keep temperatures consistent and comfortable for anyone occupying the building.

System Integration

Having an integrated system has benefits:

  • Decreases environmental impact
  • Cuts energy costs

Even older systems can be made to run more efficiently and with less waste with a system designed to work with them. Jarrell Contracting specializes in revitalizing old control systems by upgrading them to the latest technology.