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Jarrell Contracting offers a full spectrum of mechanical services for commercial, industrial, institutional and government projects of any size nationwide. In all aspects of our company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards to give our customers the highest quality customer care and services.

Success = Safety + Schedule + Quality + Cost


Knowing that Reduced Field Hours yields Reduced Risk of Injury, we...

  • Focus on Efficient Design
  • Utilize Offsite Fabrication
  • Aggressively Promote Jobsite Safety


Construction schedules are a "house of cards" so we utilize:

  • Responsive Engineers
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Experienced Administrators
  • Prefab Facilities 


Strict quality control stems from our proven processes and dedication to:

  • Strictly Validated Designs
  • High Quality Materials
  • Prefab Facilities


Rather than focusing solely on the initial project cost, we strive for...

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ensuring Tenant Comfort
  • Maximizing Rebates

Pre-Construction Services

Before we’ve moved on to project implementation, we look at the design from all angles to make sure that it is sound, valid, and cost-effective.

Design validation
Our designs are strictly validated to ensure that all calculations are accurate and that all specifications and requirements are satisfied.
Concept evaluation
Our designs are thoroughly evaluated for their constructability.
Extensive and detailed pre-construction cost evaluation
We give our design an extensive cost evaluation to ensure we are implementing the most efficient use of resources and money.
Scope of work determination
We determine the scope of the work involved in the project so that you are better equipped to make informed decisions about investments.
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Mechanical Construction Management

Safety conscious constructability
Our employees always uphold the highest safety standards and practices. Safety is the culture we create and our employees are a reflection of that.
Effective cost savings construction practices
We use high-quality materials while remaining cost-conscious in our construction practices.
Project coordination
Our expert project managers are highly skilled in managing all aspects of the build and making the entire process come in on time and under budget.
Quality control planning and execution
Strict quality control ensures that the construction team has completed the project following all specifications from our engineers.
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Green Building Construction Techniques

Our Green Energy Management Solutions (GEMS) team will ensure that the completed project runs at its optimal, energy-saving performance. We are an Ameren Strategic Partner in supporting sustainable energy consumption.

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Construction Services


We can design and install a new control system or revitalize your old one for a better, more efficient performance.


Our engineers can design HVAC systems that are retrofitted to your old system that can save you energy without the cost of a new system.

Sheet Metal

All of this work in-house with computers, we can facilitate more aggressive construction schedules.


We fabricate all piping in our piping shop and therefore, we can have it all made before construction begins.


We offer a full range of plumbing services including Design-Build work, Plan and Specification installations, and 24-hour plumbing service solutions.

Air and Water Balancing

With our air balancing service, we make sure your system is working at its peak performance by testing air flow and diagnosing problem areas and making adjustments. We are NEBB certified.