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100 North BroadwayA Jarrell Case Study

Project Overview

Broadway Tower at 100 N. Broadway at Chestnut Street is currently under construction with several key players involved. Larson, Hermann, Paric, Trivers and Jarrell are amongst the few. The building, which has 21 floors, built in 1977 is located directly across the street from the historic Old Courthouse.

Our Approach

Jarrell was contracted to give the pre-existing HVAC unit a full system upgrade. This full system upgrade included new fabrication of ducts and piping for the new plaza communal space and taking their existing system and making it more energy efficient. Jarrell also connected the system to their 24-7 off-site monitoring station, installed new air handlers, chillers, and more.

Connecting the system to the 24-7 off-site monitoring station is a big step in tenant comfort. By doing this, the team at Jarrell will be able to constantly monitor all systems to ensure they’re operating at 100% capacity. If a problem should occur, this will allow Jarrell to address it prior to any tenant discomfort.

Making sure the job is done right, using the latest in energy efficiency technology, while keeping the tenants satisfied is our number one goal here at Jarrell Mechanical Contractors.

N Broadway HVAC

The Challenge

Jarrell is working closely with all that are involved in this major overhaul. Challenges that come with this project are due to the historic nature of this building. “All the current systems are original. Energy standards and efficiencies have changed. This is where Jarrell can really excel and showcase our capabilities while using the existing systems in-place for cost savings” – Greg Harty Vice President of Operations.

The Jarrell team was also tasked with taking this pre-existing system and integrating it with the new section of the communal plaza space, something most would shy away from due the complexity of the project.

Ameren Check

The Results

Jarrell was able to utilize the current systems, install new ones and increase the energy efficiencies to Ameren’s standards which resulted in the largest rebate check of the year presented by Ameren Missouri.

Ameren Missouri presented the Larson Management Group with a check for $451,051.00. The HVAC upgrades will also provide Larson Management Group with annual savings of $500,000. Within 5 to 6 years, the annual savings will pay for the system upgrades resulting in an energy efficient profit for the years to come.

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