Complete Service

For most businesses, large or small, their heating and cooling systems are their biggest expense.  Managing their operating costs can be a major challenge.  The HVAC industry is constantly progressing and decreasing the amount of energy required to operate heating and cooling systems, and if you also consider consistently rising energy costs, now may be the perfect time to make improvements in your building’s utility systems.  Even small improvements can add up to significant monetary savings over time.

Jarrell is a full-service mechanical engineering company specializing in helping you to achieve the highest levels of performance from the mechanical systems in your facility.  Whether it’s a new construction project, an upgrade to your current system, or simply maintaining your systems, Jarrell Mechanical can provide the expertise needed from the beginning of your project to the end and beyond with maintenance that will keep everything working smoothly for the lifetimes of your systems.  The collaboration of our licensed engineers, project managers, and onsite technicians will create an energy efficient system on time and on budget.

Our Service Technicians provide the knowledge and problem-solving experience essential to maximizing the life and performance of commercial and industrial mechanical systems.  Their vast training and experience make them experts in solving mechanical problems, diagnosing system deficiencies due to poor air flow, changing air conditioning loads, recognizing inadequacies in control systems, and much more.

Service Agreements / Preventive Maintenance

We service all HVAC systems, new and old.  Proper regular maintenance on your HVAC system will keep it running through the cold, icy winters and the sweltering summers without any surprise breakdowns.  Regularly maintaining your systems will:

  • Reduce system inefficiencies.  The simple fact is that your HVAC system uses less fuel after it has been serviced than it did before.  Regular maintenance means lower energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime.  A broken HVAC system can mean a loss of productivity for your company and repairs can be expensive.  Eliminating breakdowns can be a huge savings for your company.
  • Increase the lifespan of building mechanical equipment.  Mechanical equipment runs best when it is regularly serviced.  Cleaning and maintaining your mechanical parts will add years to the life of your HVAC systems.
  • Eliminate higher cost reactive repairs (emergency repairs).  Emergency repairs are usually small problems that went unnoticed and snowballed into a big emergency service that is much more expensive than small ones and decrease the lifespan of your system.
  • Result in safer equipment operation.  Broken equipment can release carbon monoxide gas that is extremely dangerous to any occupants in the building or a short circuit in the electrical system to lead to a fire.  When your system is serviced, we check for frayed wires or anything that might pose a hazard and become a larger and more dangerous problem.
  • Keep you protected under warranty.  Most companies insist on proof of annual service contracts for their equipment if a claim is filed under the warranty.  All maintenance performed follows any warranty guideline so your equipment will remain under any applicable warranties.


  • Repair and maintenance services performed by highly trained technicians.  We’ll keep your system and all of its parts moving smoothly and efficiently.
  • Dependable service from industry experts.  Besides regular maintenance, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Diagnose problems and system inefficiencies.  We’re available to find and fix any problems and get your system back to its maximum efficiency.
  • DDC (Direct Digital Control) control installation.  We can install a DDC system that efficiently controls your heating and cooling systems to save you energy and money.
  • System commissioning and retro-commissioning.  For new installations or system upgrades and retrofits, we verify that all HVAC systems are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to operational requirements of the customer.
  • Air and hydronic balancing, NEBB certified.  We follow proper NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau) by testing HVAC systems for optimum performance.  We ensure that everything is working as it should inside and out through testing, adjusting, and balancing.

Repair Services Include:

  • Air and water cooled chillers―We maintain and repair all refrigeration equipment used to cool water or air for air conditioning systems.
  • Cooling Towers―We repair or replace any cooling towers as part of our service contracts.
  • Direct expansion AHU/Condensing units―These units use vapor-compression refrigeration and their complex systems require regular maintenance for them to consistently cool a building.
  • Chilled water, condenser water, and hot water pumps―These are popular water chilling systems that are less expensive than those that use refrigerant.
  • Rooftop equipment and packaged HVAC equipment―Rooftop systems can be compact and customized to meet your needs.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems―These quiet, efficient, flexible systems provide zoned heating and cooling when working properly.
  • Variable frequency drive installation and repair―Any motor requires regular servicing for its parts to continue to move smoothly and efficiently with minimal breakdowns.
  • Plumbing service including backflow certification―Municipal and State codes require backflow prevention devices to be present to prevent a backflow of water from entering into a clean water system.  We ensure that systems are performing to their best and that no unclean water is leaking in.