Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

Because Jarrell is a full-service design, build, and maintenance company, we have our own state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication shop that allows us to economically manufacture each project’s ductwork with our in-house computer software.  Our 21,277 sq. ft. facility uses the latest technology to bring our ductwork designs to life and gives us the ability to completely customize ductwork to your building for the greatest energy efficiency, design aesthetics, and budgetary requirements.  There’s no waiting for an outside contractor to finish the job and ship the product, our master craftsman design and fabricate and deliver custom work without the need for a middleman.

With our value-added engineering, we can design a cost-efficient system and with our in-house sheet metal fabrication, your time to completion is minimized.  Our fabrication shop allows us to coordinate drawings to be sent from the drawing file directly to the Cybermation cutting machine.  Flanged connections produce an air-tight seal in medium and high-pressure systems which reduce costs and turnaround time and helps assure quality installations on each and every project we do.

We use 26 ga. through 10 ga. galvanized, black iron, and stainless along with copper, aluminum, coated metals, prepainted metals, perforated metal, and expanded metals. Our automated coil line products can fully insulate rectangular ductwork without personal involvement. Sheet Metal Local 36 can quickly assemble the parts needed on site and custom build special fittings as needed.

We have a full range of construction methods which include:

  • Slip and Cap Connections
  • Standard Angle Connections
  • Button Lock
  • Pittsburgh and Welded Seams
  • Transverse Duct Flange
  • TIG, MIG, Stick and Carbon Arc Welded Connections
  • Soldered Connections

We believe it’s important to have the right tool for the right job so we’ve invested in innovative machinery that does the job with precision, efficiency, and speed.

Equipment used in our fabrication shop includes:

  • Roll Forming Machines that bend long strips of metal into specific configurations.
  • Power, Roto-Die and Hand Brakes that allow the operators to perform various metal bending procedures without the need to change a die.
  • Power Shear – 10 ft. ¼ Stainless which is a hydraulic cutter that cuts large pieces of sheet metal.
  • Fully Automated 5 ft. Insulated Duct Coil Line that is a multi-coil machine that makes short work of ductwork fabrication.
  • Computer Driven Plasma Fitting Cutter which uses digital programs to set up and cut pipe with the use of a plasma torch. It cuts various configurations such as miters, Y’s, saddles, rectangles, ellipses, etc.
  • Round Spiral Machine that produces spirals such as welded elbows, reducers, end caps, etc.
  • Computer Driven Insulation Fitting Cutter that can handle simple or complicated sheet metal fittings.

With our full range of equipment, we use the best type of welding for each project.  They include:

  • TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welding which is a manual welding process that is better controlled and more precise which is particularly helpful when welding thinner and more delicate metals.  Its benefits include a high-quality weld, better heat control, no splatter, and low distortion.
  • MIG or Metal Inert Gas welding uses a continuous wire feed which allows for long welds to be made without stoppage and minimum cleanup post weld.
  • Stick and Carbon Arc Welding is a traditional welding method that uses simpler components and has the ease of portability.

Our services from our sheet metal shop include:

  • Design/Build System Fabrication.  We design and build HVAC projects from beginning to end that range from a simple, straight-forward design to the most complex, all while staying on time and on budget.
  • Commercial Fabrication.  Our cutting-edge machines give us the tools needed to provide a quality ductwork installation for a single office or the tallest highrise.
  • Industrial Fabrication.  We not only fabricate ductwork for office buildings, we also specialize in the complex systems unique to industrial buildings.
  • Custom Fabrication.  Our top-notch engineers can design a system that is customized to your building so your HVAC system is hidden or aesthetically pleasing as well as being cost-effective and energy-efficient.

When it comes to the highest quality ductwork, Jarrell outperforms every time.  Our professional sheet metal shop has helped us become an industry leader in the design and installation of HVAC systems.