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Energy Synergy

According to The World Counts, the world's demand for electricity is expected to grow by a staggering 85% between 2010 and 2040.  Now more than ever, it’s essential for all industries to take steps to reduce their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint for the sake of the environment as well as for their bottom line.

For most companies, the cost of heating and cooling their buildings is their biggest expense.  As energy technologies advance, heating and cooling systems become more and more efficient and systems that were state-of-the-art for their time, simply can’t keep up.

This is where our GEMS team goes to work for you.  Our Green Energy Management Solutions team is dedicated to finding areas where your building’s energy efficiency can be improved upon and what kind of project would be cost-effective for you to take on.  Through energy audits, benchmarking, retro-commissioning, and assistance in pursuing rebates and incentives from local utilities for energy-saving projects, our GEMS team will meet your needs no matter how developed your building’s current energy profile is.

For the building owner or property manager who is unsure as to whether their building is performing well or poorly, Benchmarking is a great place to start.   Our GEMS team will take the historical energy consumption and demand of your building and compare them to that of buildings that are in the same peer group (i.e. same climate zone, same space usage, same vintage, etc.).  Benchmarking is not as extensive than a complete Energy Audit, but it allows building managers to see how their consumption compares to others to determine if there is a need for improvement that should be pursued.

Through a thorough Energy Audit, our Certified Energy Managers (Certified by the Association of Energy Engineers) can give you an accurate estimate on your ROI for a potential upgrade.  Our engineers look at the building’s blueprints, and do an onsite inspection of the building that includes the building’s shell, windows, doors, insulation factors, lighting, HVAC systems, and any other system that uses a substantial amount of power.  We match the systems’ outputs to the building’s current energy bills and come up with a model.  With this model, we can change factors like a new HVAC system or different lighting, determine where the greatest savings would be, and make recommendations for the best areas for improvement.

Retro-commissioning projects are highly detailed and intensive.  With field measurements and verifying operating conditions, we can make sure that your systems are balanced properly and are working to their optimum efficiencies.

The majority of the work done by Jarrell’s GEMS team qualifies for energy efficiency incentives and/or rebates from local utilities.  We collaborate with local utilities as well as tax attorneys and CPA’s to ensure all available credits are awarded for your energy-saving efforts.

If you’re considering a new system installation, a Life Cycle Cost Analysis is also a helpful tool.  We can compare the costs for upgrading or retro-fitting your current system as opposed to installing a new one, and compare the cost vs. your annual savings and the system’s life expectancy.  If the system is going to be obsolete before you’ve recouped the cost, it wouldn’t be a profitable project to undertake.

By making improvements that reduce energy consumption and the costs spent on energy each month, your Operating Expense Ratio will be improved as well.  The OER is a measure of what it costs to operate your building compared to the income that your building brings in.  By improving your OER, you can greatly increase the value of your property and make your assets appreciate in value too.

As with any kind of project, there is an initial cost to take into consideration, but when it comes to energy consumption, it’s important to be forward-thinking.  Using less energy will always save money in the long run, and you can feel good that you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment as well.

Contact Jarrell today! Our skilled professionals would be happy to listen to your questions or concerns and discuss all of your options for making your property more energy efficient.