Jarrell Contracting is a full-service building automation system integrator providing custom solutions for your ever changing building controls environment. We offer scalable solutions that fit our clients’ needs and budget whether you’re building a high tech “smart building” from the ground up or making adjustments to your current system to integrate all of your utility and security systems for better energy efficiency and cost saving measures.

Jarrell Contracting is a leader in the Midwest for solutions in new construction, retrofit and integration markets and consistently ranks in the Top 100 largest mechanical engineering firms in the country.  Our goal is to make lasting relationships with all of our clients and provide them with a system that is tailor-made to suit their needs.  We take great pride in the highest level of customer satisfaction that we give to all of our customers.

System Integration

Most new commercial construction is built with the utmost energy efficiency in mind.  By integrating HVAC, its security systems, card access, video surveillance, lighting, fire alarm, and smoke evacuation systems, facilities run more efficiently.  In today’s world, everything is automated and operation is never as easy as just flipping a switch.  By utilizing the Internet of Things, or IoT, each component of your HVAC, security systems, etc. uses sensors to send data to the main Controls system where it is analyzed and can be acted upon.  This DDC, or Direct Digital Control, is a centralized network approach to system design.

Whether the system is designed for a small one-story building or a 50-storey skyscraper, system integration can bring great savings when it comes to energy usage.  Why cool a building when everyone has gone home for the day?  Why heat vacant offices or residences?  Why have your employees endure cold or hot spots in your facility?  With system integration, automated decisions are made 24/7 to keep temperatures consistent and comfortable for anyone occupying the building.

Having an integrated system has benefits:

  • Decreases environmental impact
  • Cuts energy costs

Even older systems can be made to run more efficiently and with less waste with a system designed to work with them.  Jarrell Contracting specializes in revitalizing old control systems by upgrading them to the latest technology.

Design and Engineering

We design Engineering solutions based on the latest “open protocol” communication standards available today such as Bacnet MSTP, Bacnet/IP, and LON.  We use state-of-the-art Trane and Distech Controls in our installations.  Our design and engineering team designs quality systems that provide maximum system efficiency and reduced energy costs.

We design:

  • Complete control systems
  • Enhancements to current systems

Jarrell believes that the customer should have the freedom to choose your BAS service provider and with our world class team, we are confident that our clients will continue to use our services without locking you into systems that only we have the keys to.

Whether a design for a new installation or one retrofit to your current system, we take the time to fully understand each of our customer’s needs so we can design a system that is uniquely suited to those needs.  We don’t provide cookie cutter solutions; we provide a solution unique to your company.

Energy Optimization

We utilize proven techniques to provide the customer with the most energy efficient building available along with leverage utility incentives for the ultimate in “payback”. Your central controls can determine when to heat or cool an area based on its occupancy, time of day or day of the week, and many other factors and sensor readings and runs the system accordingly.  By having the system only run where and when it is needed, you not only save on energy and operating costs, it also cuts down on wear and tear on your mechanical system, allowing it to go on working longer.

Our Green Energy Management Solutions (GEMS) team will ensure that the completed project runs at its optimal, energy-saving performance.  We are an Ameren Strategic Partner in supporting sustainable energy consumption.

Some our proven energy programs are:

  • Demand usage limiting
  • Demand ventilation
  • Fan pressure optimization
  • Chiller tower optimization
  • Supply air reset
  • Supply water reset
  • Pump pressure optimization

In optimizing your energy usage, you can create a facility that is environmentally responsible, profitable, and a healthy place to live and work.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Our 24-hour response team helps minimize down time and comfort complaints by providing service when trouble arises. Our team is in contact and dispatching a service technician before clients notice there is an issue.  Our GEMS team includes 24/7 monitoring for issues that may arise in a building’s automation system. This, coupled with Jarrell’s 24/7 service department, provides building owners/managers/tenants the peace of mind that if there is a problem, Jarrell will know about it and dispatch a field service technician to take care of the problem before it turns into something worse.  Our EMS (Energy Monitoring Service) monitors energy consumption and alarms so technicians are dispatched quickly if there’s any kind of equipment failure or problem.  With our EMS, you don’t have to worry about walking into your building and discovering an outage or burst pipe; our technicians will already be fixing the issue.

Proactive Maintenance and Software Management

We help our customers by keeping their Building Automation Systems backed up and up-to-date. The Internet of Things is a useful way to make many aspects of our lives easier and more efficient, but as with any device that connects to the outside world via the internet, these devices can be open to outside threats.  We understand how vital it is to protect your equipment and with the IoT being everywhere and taking over the market, it is more important than ever to keep any internet device up to date with security patches at all time to limit vulnerability from outside sources.  By managing the software and always ensuring that it’s the most current version, your system will run smoothly and any end user issues will have been solved.

Utility metering and Tenant Billing

We have automated our utility metering and tenant override billing reports while offering our customers an online interface to request after-hour occupancy. Our automated service billing reports are generated monthly and can be customized to fit any tenant usage agreement.  Automated meter readings mean you can use an invoicing method that supports different kinds of tenant billing, streamlining the billing process which means you can bill your tenants accurately and more efficiently.

With our automated system, you can have greater control over vacant and unoccupied spaces and it allows you to identify each tenant’s energy usage.  As opposed to flat-rate energy cost consumption, you can charge tenants for their energy usage.  Tenants are more satisfied when they know they’re not paying for their neighbor’s utilities.  Knowing how much they pay directly also encourages tenants to make changes on how much energy they consume to become more efficient and save on their utility costs.

Operator Support and Training

Our Monitoring Support Team provides one on one phone support and in-house training to building end users and maintenance engineers.  We ensure that after an installation, your employees are thoroughly trained in the proper and safe operation of all of the equipment and comfortable with how to use it.  Our support team are experts in all of the equipment we install and can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.  We would never leave you stranded with a system you don’t understand.  You can rely on Jarrell to be with you every step of the way.