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The Fabulous Fox TheaterA Jarrell Case Study

Project Overview

When the Pandemic hit, Jarrell’s Sales Engineers and Service providers reached out to their customers, both current and past, in a concerted effort to keep things running and assist in helping ease the problems these customers were encountering. Of course, essential businesses were a top a priority, but the non-essentials were getting hit hard with loss of business and ways to get through the shutdown. We contacted one of Jarrell’s long-standing customers, The Fabulous Fox Theater and asked if they needed anything. Jarrell had replaced most of the theaters HVAC systems in the past with new energy efficient equipment and DDC controls, (garnering Ameren incentives) but one cooling tower that had been scheduled for replacement for years (1976 vintage) had been on hold and since there was a window of 8 weeks when all Broadway shows had been cancelled, Jarrell put together a cost and time effective plan to replace the tower. There were complexities to the Fox Tower project as the old cooling tower was constructed partially of asbestos and had to be remediated before it could be demolished, as well as the tower location on a rear roof of the facility directly over the stage. With the help of a local Cooling Tower supplier (Midwest Machinery) Hoisting specialists Budrovich, and a team of seasoned Jarrell technicians, a new tower, with greater capacity and with Variable Speed Drives to save energy and assist with noise reduction was installed. The Jarrell Team delivered a Turnkey Project with power and control wiring as well as all remediation efforts, demolition and disposal. Another win-win for the Customer!