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Spring HVAC Maintenance

If you want your car to last a long time, you must have regular maintenance done.  Flushing systems, changing the oil, and replacing worn parts are part of that maintenance.  The same is true for any machine, including your HVAC system.  Think about how often your car runs per day.  One hour?  Maybe two?  Depending on your building’s hours of occupancy, your HVAC system could be turning off and on 24 hours a day.  It’s a hard-working system that requires regular TLC.

jarrell contractor conducting spring hvac maintenance

What Are the Benefits of a Regular Maintenance Program?

You’ll save money right away.  HVAC systems run more efficiently and use less fuel after they have been serviced.

It’s good for the environment.  Using less fuel means a smaller carbon footprint.

It reduces break-downs.  Emergency repairs are expensive and can even result in temporary shut down and loss of productivity.

Your system will last longer.  Regular HVAC maintenance prolongs the life of your system so it could be many years before you have to face the cost of a replacement system.

It’s safer.  Broken equipment isn’t just a hassle, it can be dangerous.  It can leak deadly carbon monoxide gas or a short circuit can cause a fire.

It’ll clear the air.   Changing all filters as part of the HVAC maintenance program will mean the air in your building is cleaner which is healthier for your occupants.  Dirty air can lead to an increase in allergens and airborne illnesses which results in lost productivity.  If there’s a problem that creates humidity and moisture, mold will rear its ugly head and bring with it a whole host of medical issues for your building’s occupants.

Keeps you under warranty.  For a claim to be filed for equipment malfunction or failure, most companies require proof of an annual service contract.

bunge office building

A properly working heating and air conditioning system is an integral part of the comfort of your workplace.  A happy workplace means happy employees who will be more productive and stay with their company for the long haul.  When it’s working the way it should, your HVAC system is barely noticeable.  It sits there in the background quietly making sure the building is not too hot and not too cold and that the air is clean and fresh.  When it’s not working properly, you know it.  The air is uncomfortable, there’s an abundance of dust everywhere, and it’s noisy.  If you’re lucky, it can be repaired without shutting down the building.  If you have a store, whether its too hot or too cold, customers will be driven away to a store that is comfortable to shop in.   Waiting to give it the maintenance it needs after a problem arises will turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

For Jarrell, seasonal maintenance on your commercial HVAC system is more than just changing a few filters.  All maintenance is performed by our highly trained technicians who thoroughly inspect your HVAC unit, perform safety checks, change equipment such as filters and belts, and clean and lubricate vital moving parts.  We can even customize your maintenance to fit your specific needs.  Often during maintenance, we discover something that would’ve eventually turned into an emergency situation had we not noticed it.  It’s always cheaper to replace a worn part before it fails and causes further damage to the system and a potential shut down.

St. Louis winters are cold and unforgiving.  Your heating system ran hard all winter to keep you toasty warm.  It’s time to schedule spring maintenance on your unit so it’ll run smoothly and cleanly all year long.  Call Jarrell today at (800)729-HVAC to schedule yours.