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Lincoln County Justice CenterA Jarrell Case Study

Project Overview

Jarrell Mechanical’s GEMS team is excited to announce the completion of recent HVAC renovations to the Lincoln County Justice Center, a 2 story, 25,732 sqf facility with three courtrooms, various administrative offices, and miscellaneous spaces.

The renovations are estimated to reduce electric usage by 82.5% annually and save 76% on the annual bill, an estimated $94k+. The estimated return on investment for this project will be four years.


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Project Details

This existing multizone constant volume system was extremely inefficient, running simultaneous cooling and heating to produce comfortable, code-compliant conditions. Jarrell’s GEMS Team replaced the outdated system with a new VAV RTU and VAV boxes with electric reheat. Occupied/unoccupied space temperature setback will be deployed along with Demand Control Ventilation, Optimum Start and Stop, Supply Air Reset, and enthalpy economizer operation.

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