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The Future of Commercial HVAC Controls

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or loT, refers to ‘things’ that are connected to each other and the outside world via the internet. More and more industries are taking advantage of this technology because it can make things run a lot more efficiently. Imagine walking home after dark without fear because your IoT connected drone is tailing you, illuminating your path and recording your journey for security purposes.  Imagine your refrigerator adding milk to your cloud-based grocery list because it sensed that the milk was low based on weight. Smart lighting, security…even smart mirrors have crept into the IoT smart home market with more and more companies offering more and more modern conveniences and functionality using the IoT.

Another industry taking advantage of the IoT is the HVAC industry.  Jarrell Contracting has been using the IoT for its controls for years and has seen excellent results. Easy access to information and ease of use have become the standards in today’s world of touchscreen computers in every pocket and purse.  These standards are not only desired by building owners, tenants, maintenance staff, and property managers, these standards are becoming a requirement to simply be competitive in terms of building amenities in the real estate market.

The IoT is here. Here’s how the IoT can make your HVAC system better.

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Integration with Other Systems

Your HVAC system can be integrated with other systems such as lighting, surveillance, and access, all in one interface. This makes the whole system easier to access by those charged with maintaining and operating the system. Using the IoT means that all these different systems can talk to each other and act accordingly. If the security system is able to detect that the building is completely empty, then the HVAC system can be turned off as there is no point heating or cooling an empty building. Perhaps your surveillance system is set up to only store the past 72 hours, after which, the footage is deleted. If there’s a problem with a piece of equipment that sets off a BAS alarm, the surveillance system can be set up to download and store footage from cameras covering the area in which the piece of equipment was located in order to help determine the cause of the issue, rather than allow the footage to get cycled out over time.

Energy Optimization

Optimizing your energy use can save your business a lot of money and will also be very good for the environment. You can set the controls so that there are certain times of the day when the HVAC systems do not come on or are set back to provide less airflow for heating/cooling. Trending data from your building’s equipment can be compared with weather data which can be used to look for energy losses in the building’s systems and operation.

Diagnostics and Remote Monitoring

The loT can be used to remotely monitor your HVAC system and carry out diagnostics without a service technician needing to come out and visit your premises. If a problem does develop then it can be spotted early and this usually means that it will cost less to fix. When the service tech arrives on site to make the repair they will already know what the issue is and they can get to work straight away. This will reduce the time they spend on site which will cause less disruption to the business. In some instances, problems can be solved remotely by simply changing a setting.  This may be possible, depending on how permissions are set up within the system, for building owners, property managers, building maintenance, tenants, or a service contractor like Jarrell who offers a 24/7 remote building monitoring service.

Proactive Maintenance

Regular maintenance should be carried out on your HVAC system so that any potential problems can be detected early. The IoT can be used to remind you that it is time for this maintenance to be carried out. It can also be used to send a reminder to your maintenance company that it is time for the service so you do not have to spend time making an appointment.

If you have been considering replacing or upgrading your existing HVAC system, Jarrell Contracting can help.  We will help you explore all of the available options so that you are best able to make a well-informed decision. The Internet of Things isn’t coming…it’s already here, and it’s already affecting many aspects of our lives.  To find out how you can benefit from this technology in your building, contact Jarrell today and let Jarrell’s team of engineers and control specialists help you make a well-informed decision.