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Fall Maintenance

Fall has arrived, accompanied by that little nip in the air that serves as a regional signal that it’s time to get ready for winter. Trees put on a spectacular show before they shed their final leaves in order to conserve water during winter when it’s a scarce commodity. Squirrels and chipmunks begin their feverish gathering and storage of food to eat during the cold winter months. It’s your signal, too, that it’s time to have a professional perform fall maintenance on your HVAC system.

When the frigid weather hits us, your HVAC unit goes into overdrive heating your building to keep it at a constant comfortable temperature for those within. The colder the weather, the harder it works and a system that has not had proper Fall HVAC maintenance could be at risk of breaking down just when you need it most.

jarrell employee performing fall hvac maintenance

Why Have Professional Fall HVAC Maintenance? 

You’ll experience fewer breakdowns.  When your system breaks down, you not only have to foot the bill for costly repairs, including parts and higher labor costs for an emergency call, you may also have to endure a costly shut down while the system is being fixed. Depending on the type of businesses in the building, the cost of lost productivity during a shutdown can be huge.

Your system will be more efficient.  Dirty filters and ungreased or broken parts cause your system to work harder to keep your building comfortable. When it works harder, its operating costs are higher.

It’s good for the environment.  When your system runs efficiently, it uses fewer resources. More green for you and a more green environment!

Your system will have a longer life.  When your HVAC system was installed, the installer told you what its life expectancy should be (usually 15-20 years). If you want your unit to reach that milestone, it must be regularly maintained.

The technician might find a problem.  Yes, this is a good thing.  When performing HVAC maintenance, the technician may find a broken or worn part that needs replacing which, if missed, could’ve caused a much bigger and more expensive problem down the line.

It keeps the system under warranty.  Commercial HVAC systems usually come with lengthy warranties but you must follow proper maintenance programs faithfully or risk the warranty being voided.  If you need major repairs, you’ll want the help of that warranty so it’s best to follow its requirements.

You’ll have cleaner air.  Most people think of their HVAC systems as merely providing heating and cooling but cleaning the air is one of its most important jobs.  Office buildings are notorious for having bad air.  Many types of office furniture, carpeting, and other equipment are made with materials that have toxic elements and when they’re contained in a closed environment where windows don’t open, the air can become toxic too. Toxins and allergens just float around being breathed in by people in the building.  Regularly changing filters and cleaning the system will allow it to remove more of the pollutants.  The people spending their time in the building will be healthier and will have fewer sick days.

It’ll be safer.  When things go wrong in an HVAC system, there can be dire consequences. Electrical systems can cause a fire and problems with the unit can lead to a carbon monoxide leak.  Technicians know what dangers to look for and can ensure the safest operation of your system.

What Do We Do for Fall HVAC Maintenance?

At Jarrell, we’re firm believers in regular maintenance programs. We’ve seen firsthand the problems that arise when a system is neglected and the potentially expensive damage that was prevented by doing something so seemingly minor as replacing a fraying belt. We recommend a maintenance program that includes maintenance being performed four times per year.  Each season brings its own workload requirements in order to provide consistent comfort to the building, whether fighting extreme temperatures or an overabundance of allergens.

jarrell employee performing fall hvac maintenance

For fall maintenance, we’ll:

After you’ve had Fall HVAC maintenance performed on your system, it may run as efficiently as the day it was installed and it will last for many years to come. To find out more about how Jarrell can have your system running like clockwork, contact us today!