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Fox TheatreA Jarrell Case Study

Project Overview

“The Fabulous Fox” has been a landmark in St. Louis since 1929. Jarrell Contracting was hired to increase the cooling capacity while saving energy, and that’s what we did. After completing an energy audit, it was determined that the HVAC system could be substantially improved by replacing the three main air handling systems and the original chilled water system with high efficiency, variable volume air handling units and an energy management system that will minimize the electrical consumption of the HVAC systems.


There are always challenges in upgrading an existing system, but this project was unique in that it was to be completed in 7 short weeks, and the work was confined to a basement mechanical room, which was accessible only through a removal sidewalk section, and the penthouse mechanical room with limited access. These challenges were overcome by , pre-planning, pre-fabricating most of the components ahead of the 7 week construction window , coordination of all phases, and a temporary work platform.

All three existing chilled water, built-up air handlers were completely removed along with all chilled water and condenser water pumps. All associated chilled water piping was completely removed except the concealed 10” supply and return risers along the lobby. The existing air handlers were equipped with low pressure steam coils and a chilled water air washer system that sprayed chilled water directly into the air stream. Large centrifugal fans then delivered the supply air through the ductwork concealed in the ceiling and walls. Each of the air handlers installed were variable air volume, modular air handlers. The chilled water pumps were accomplished with primary pumps to benefit from reduced pumping during part-load conditions. The condenser water pumps were replaced with higher efficiency constant volume pumps.