About Us

Jarrell is a full-service mechanical contractor. In our business, relationships are everything and we have been fortunate to make a lot of friends since our founding in 1954. We are one of the largest mechanical contractors in the greater St. Louis area. Our success is due to our emphasis on relationships and putting our customers’ needs first.

We take pride in the high level of customer satisfaction we continually achieve and hope that we have the opportunity to provide all your mechanical contracting needs. After all, you can never have too many friends.

Who we are

Jarrell is the only mechanical contracting firm that offers a system for success – no matter what the challenge is. We work with General Contractors, owners, developers, architects, and manufacturers in the St. Louis area and across the United States. When our clients hire Jarrell Contracting they do not have to make a choice between full service and great service.

Why Jarrell

Who says you have to choose between full service and great service? The way we see it, you can have both-when you know where to look. And if you ask our customers and partners, they will tell you to look no further than Jarrell. We may be big, but we’re family-owned and that makes all the difference.

Here, you’ll find more than Design-Build HVAC and plumbing-plus DDC controls-all under one roof. You’ll see how we fit them together to create the right solution every time. Bringing all the best people to the table with the knowledge, commitment, and passion to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

From conception to completion and turnover to ongoing maintenance for years to come-there are no agendas, no surprises. Just the best work for the best value. We are Jarrell Mechanical Contractors, and we are your system for success.

We’re not just installing a system. We’re building a relationship for life.