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Accomplishment Spotlight

"The Roberts Tower is an amazing project to watch from the ground up. It was in design for two years before they broke ground. It is a great feeling to be a part of the first residential high rise to be constructed in St. Louis in 20 years."

- Jim Stine
Jarrell Project Manager

Quality Solutions

Green Building

Jarrell supports and participates in many LEED® projects with the intent to promote overall awareness of sustainability practices. We currently employ three LEED® Accredited Professionals whose combined experience and knowledge have played a critical role for our customers when obtaining credits to qualify projects for LEED® certification. Our HVAC systems have a significant impact on approximately 8 of the 32 credits in LEED® – NC 2009 and our plumbing and control systems add other credits.

  • Energy retrofit
  • LEED® projects
  • Geothermal
  • Commissioning
  • Balancing NEBB/TABB

Contact us to see how our HVAC, plumbing and controls design can meet LEED® with minimal changes in cost to the overall project.

Completed LEED® Certified Projects:

  • The Roberts Companies Office – LEED® Gold
  • The Security Building – LEED® Silver
  • The Kinloch Building – LEED® Gold
  • The Roberts Companies Marketing Center – LEED® Certified
  • Federal Law Enforcement Dormitory South Carolina – LEED® Silver
  • Round Rock AFRC Texas – LEED® Gold
  • Fort Allen AFRC Puerto Rico – LEED® Gold

Pending LEED® Projects:

  • The Laurel Appartments and Hotel
  • The St. Louis Art Museum addition
  • Local 36 Training Center
  • Four Armed Forces Reserve Centers and Military Facilities